Digital Storm's Aventum 3 and more at CES 2015

Ever year we stop by Digital Storm to check out some of their new systems. Digital Storm has a wide variety of systems for pretty much any budget, but front and center was their new Aventum III case which is their supercar of the computer world. Basically the Aventum III is their highest end system which can feature the best of the best when it comes to hardware but the thing that sets them apart from other high end systems is the case that Digital Storm has designed specifically for the Aventum III. I'll let the video do the rest of the talking.
In addition to their Aventum III, Digital Storm was also showing off their Eclipse, Velox, and Bolt II systems. The Eclipse start around the $700 dollar range, the Bolt II starts around $1600 and goes up to around $2000 for the Velox. When we first started working with Digital Storm it was all out the high end systems but in the past couple years they've started to offer consumers a wide selection based on budget yet still giving you a high quality Digital Storm system and amazing service that they've become well known for.

Aventum 3


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