ASUS Peripherals and Networking at CES 2015

ASUS was showing off some amazing things at CES this year. A couple of those things are some new mice that will be hitting the market soon, a headset with a built in controller unit that has a sound card built into it (ASUS' answer to ROCCAT's KAVE headset), a silicone mouse pad that gives really smooth movement and a couple of mice that will be hitting the market soon.


First we'll start with the Strix 7.1 gaming headset which boasts 10, thats right, 10 neodymium magnets drivers and volume controls for each channel. This headset also comes with 4 game-audio profiles that can be changed depending on the game and environmental noise cancellation for almost full immersion into the game. The three ROG mice that ASUS put on display were the Gladius, the Sica (for right and left handed), and the Spatha. Of the three the Spatha is going to be the only one that is wireless however the Sica and the Gladius both have removable switches that can be swapped in and out.


To top it off ASUS showed off a new gamepad that will have a silicon base that will help it to be anti-slip and anti-porous which will help keep dirt, grime, and bad odors from getting into the pad. As an added bonus ASUS was also celebrating that over 500 million of their boards have been purchased and had some cool customized rigs on display for the achievement.


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