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Application: The Bible Dictionary

Good day all, if there are a number of you that were at CES 2015 you must have seen more than a few apps for your mobile device. Maybe some of you are not only nerds for tech but are nerds for Christ as well. I’m certainly one of them and with all the business that we get caught up in, it’s nice to just sit and listen and read some truth that isn’t tech related at times. Yes, I’m talking about church, the Bible and youth group activities. Some words in the Bible can be tricky at times, but with The Bible Dictionary, you can get help for those words that you don’t know very well and understand what they mean.

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The Bible Dictionary isn’t a Bible by all means, instead it’s a great tool to accompany your Bible. We all have to be careful what anyone tells us. You don’t want to twist and turn God’s words the wrong way. Having a Bible dictionary can help you understand what the preacher is meaning or if he’s off his rocker! Type in the word you're looking for and it will pull up quite a bit of information from different sources. The results show in-depth information along with Biblical references so you can determine how the word is being used. Bible translations differ slightly, but often key words are the same across different versions. Good luck and learn lots so you’re not led astray by people that just want to pad their pockets!


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