Android App Pick - Peggle Blast

Application: Peggle Blast

Hey there and welcome to another edition of Android App Pick. There are so many apps out there by mainstream publishers such as EA, Popcap, Rovio and more. You may have played a Peggle in the past, and whether or not you’re a seasoned veteran or a n00b, Popcap is at it again with Peggle Blast. I have played Peggle on many different devices over the years and it is always fun and a bit addicting. The real challenge is to master the levels and meet all new kinds of characters.

Map Play


Peggle Blast is a slight twist on the classic Peggle. Yes, you still have to get all the orange pegs it in order to beat the level and you can still earn your free ball and perks, but there are a few different and challenging levels along the way. Peggle Blast mixes things up enough to make it more fun than the original. Work your way through the levels and see what “magic” surprises there are in store.

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Keep calm and Peggle on!


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