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Application: Textgram

It's not very often do you see the grass on either side of the street in January around here, and with it being my birthday this last week it was nice not to have a blizzard. It certainly feels nice when people remember your birthday and there are lots of ways to show a person how much you care. Some may call, some message through social media, a card, a visit, an email, or text. Sometimes there are cool apps to give a little birthday cheer. Textgram is a fun app that you can use for just such occasions (or many other different ones). I give credit to Marjorie for this app as she mentioned it on Facebook. It's not just for special occasions; you can use it anytime to make your fun quotes to share.

Textgram Textgram


Probably some guys are thinking that they will pass on this app. Some of you might, but Valentine’s Day is coming and there could be some cute notes you can make on the fly for you loved one. They could also be turned into epic memes as well by uploading your own image if you don’t want to use the templates they have. I tend to use the app for verses that I put on my blog. It’s not hard to use at all. Choose a template or background, write your message, and choose the text, font, filters, frames and more. Just like Cheese Whiz, get your message out there with personality!


Like a good message Textgram is there!


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