Android App Pick - Minecraft Pocket Edition


Application: Minecraft Pocket Edition ($7.99)

Hey it’s Monday and...(Sighs grumpily) groundhog day. This theory that a groundhog can predict the weather is garbage and should be thrown someplace where the sun don’t shine. Speaking of dark places, I have been playing some Minecraft on my Android lately! After seeing my brother playing Minecraft for a while I simply caved in and gave it a go on the PS3 – but what is even better than that is Minecraft Pocket Edition! You can play it on the go and don’t have to wait until you’re done work! I challenge you to give this game a try; go explore and let your mind run wild! 

Create World Building Options


As far as the game goes - it’s Minecraft. Jump in to either Survival mode or Creative mode. ou basically can jump right in. You have 2 modes Survival and Creative Mode. Survival mode will introduce you to creepers, zombies, spiders and other enemies. Creative mode is more fun I find and I started chopping, walking, digging and building my home…until I walked into a cave and fell into a pool of lava. 

Outside House Inside House


Controls are on-screen and you can move your character and swipe to look around. Double tap to center your view, tap once to build or place an item and press and hold to smash or mine. Pick through a bunch of building supplies to create whatever you want!

Inside Lava Cave Sunset


Craft away!


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