The Nexus 6 is Phabletulous so Far!

I received my Nexus 6, and right out of the box, I was disappointed. The back plate wasn't sticking to the phone properly, and was peeling off a bit. I figured it was no big deal, as I put my phone in a case anyways. So into the case the phone went, and off I went with my newest Nexus!

The phone itself feels big in your hand because, well, it is a big phone. But that is why I bought it, right? It will take some getting used to, and over time I’m sure I won't even notice the size anymore. The placement of both the power and volume buttons on the right hand side of the device is great. You can set your phone on its left side in landscape mode and watch propper 16x9 movies in 2k resolution without accidentally hitting a power or volume button while you are balancing the phone initially, and then still have access to them while the phone is on its side. Using the phone as an in vehicle GPS with google maps is a real treat with the 6" screen.

Back is "Puffy"

New "Puffy" back Nexus 6

The screen on this thing is incredible. 6-inches makes watching movies, browsing the web, and playing games all incredible. With its 2560x1440 display, you have a ton of extra real estate as well. For example, without modding the OS, Android comes stock with columns of icons instead of 4. I'm really loving the screen.

The camera is incredible as well. It's easy for me to say that this 100% replaces the want to carry around a point and shoot camera. 13 megapixels on this sensor does a great job of capturing both landscapes and people alike. The dual LED ring flash is great for dimly lit situations, and makes for a nice look in the eyes of people you are taking close up pictures of with the flash on. Kudos to Motorola on this one. You really hit the nail on the head with this camera.

My last declaration of love for this device is, the battery life. Even with the big screen, the Nexus 6 is lasting me well over 24 hours of use. I can pull it off the charger when I wake up, use it all day, all evening and forget to plug it in at night, and can still count on it having 15-30% battery life to wake me up the next.

The only downside to the device so far, aside from the size, is the aforementioned backplate not sticking to the phone. The more I charge the device, the further the back gets from the phone itself. That's not faulty glue, that's a faulty battery! Back to the store with you!

That's a Swell Battery

What a Swell Battery!


So far so good, and it just keeps getting better! Once I get my replacement and get some more use under my belt, I'll check back in for my final thoughts after about a month of use.