Android App Pick - Sky Force


Application: Sky Force

When I was a kid, arcades were still fairly popular and one of the most fun games was the top-down airplane shooters. I enjoyed these a lot and the controls were simple; fly around with the joystick and hold down the fire button. My Android App Pick of the Week this week is a game that brings back a lot of memories… and some frustration. Sky Force may be simple to figure out, but it’s hard to master all the levels and different level difficulty.

Levels Upgrades


As you blast your way through the levels, collect stars so you can upgrade your aircraft after the mission. You can add shields, better guns, wing canons and even a magnet that allows you to collect stars and power-ups easier. Different levels have a boss of sorts that will take a lot more damage and often sprays and prays as part of their defense.

Shootin & Lootin Crash &  Burn


Work your way through the missions and complete all the challenges to get a chance at a harder version of that mission that will in turn give you more stars to help upgrade your plane for use down the road. Get your Top Gun on and go rescue people!


Maverick: Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby.


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