Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System

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Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System
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Product: Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System
Provided By: Samson
Price: ~$149.99 Online at time of publication



Samson is not new to the audio game and they've been at it long enough to know how to make good quality products. We've looked at a couple of their microphones in the past and today we are taking a look at their Meteor M2 Multimedia speakers and taking them for a spin around the office. The Meteor M2 is a two-channel speaker system that is geared for your desktop. While that doesn't sound all that exciting at first, you really need to keep on reading and check out the images of these classy speakers. 



The Meteor M2 is a wired-only setup and there is not subwoofer for chest-pounding bass. What there is however, is a couple of zinc die cast speakers that look great and sound about as good as they look. While there is no extra subwoofer, each unit has a rear-ported passive radiator that offers a really nice bass response and balances quite well - but I'm getting ahead of myself.


First Look:

When I first saw the press release for these new speakers, I was immediately intrigued. I love the style of the unit as it reminds me of old microphones from the black and white TV era. They are classy, and with the Samson name, I figured they'd be pretty decent as well. What I wasn't expecting is speakers that are heavy enough that they could be used as a weapon in a modern game of Clue. (Professor Plum in the laboratory with a Meteor M2).

Samson expects these speakers to impress without a bunch of extra shiny things to distract you. In the box we found the speakers as well as a power cord, 1/8-inch audio cable and a quick install guide. As these are wired speakers, the installation is pretty simple; plug in the cables and power them on. It worked!



The speakers are plain and classy. They front of these zinc beauties is nicely finished and has a metal mesh covering the driver inside. Other than the logo and a single power-indicator LED on the right speaker, there is nothing that really stands out on the front. The rear of the speakers is pretty basic as well. The right speaker has a single RCA-style jack that is used to connect the left speaker. There is a power jack and of course the 1/8-inch audio jack. What you will see on the back is the mesh for the passive radiator that generates the bass on these units.

Front / Back


The volume controls and power button are located on the right channel on the side. They have a nice soft rubber feel and are natural in their layout. With the power button on the top, followed by volume up and then volume down, you don't even have to see what you're doing to use the controls. It's a nice layout on a nice looking speaker.

Volume Controls


On the next page we'll take a quick look at features and specifications of these speakers before we talk about how they perform as we test them out.