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FinalMouse - Professional eSports Mouse
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Product: FinalMouse
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Do you think that mice have gotten too complicated, way more buttons than what are necessary, laggy or slow response times to clicks due to bloated software and drivers? Well the guys at Final Mouse sure thought so, and have since created their own new mouse. The mouse is a blast from the past boasting a simplistic design with no bloated drivers while keeping up to date with a Pixart 3310 IR LED eSports sensor, an eSports inspired ergonomic design while also being extremely light weight. This mouse was created by gamers for gamers so let’s find out if we have a real game changer.

Box of FinalMouse

First Look:

The mouse comes in a very simple, clean and professional looking box that embodies what the mouse is all about. There is no driver CD as the basic drivers for the mouse are pre-loaded on the hardware for a quick and easy install. The only other item included in the box is a card containing a short description of the mouse, the four DPI settings and support information in case problems arise.

Inside the Box

Features & Performance:

The mouse has a very simple and clean ergonomic design with dips in the main mouse buttons for proper hand placement. Unlike most mice on the market, the dips in the buttons on the FinalMouse really make for a comfortable feel, yet at the same time subconsciously inform the user if their fingers are in the correct placement or not.

Top Down
Top Down

Side View
Button Side View

Front View
Front View


Though only designed for right handed use, the mouse fits perfectly into the palm of a hand. To help make it fit, the mouse is about half an inch shorter in length than the Logitech G series mice. In my gaming life, I have used almost all Logitech mice starting with the mx518, then the G5, and most recently the G500s and part of the reason for this was for consistency of weight, button pressure, cord, and overall feel. Though it took me a while (1-2 weeks) to get used to the G500s; getting used the Final Mouse only took about two days. One of the major features that I believe played into this result was the click registration. Because of driverless-design on the Final Mouse, click registration is extremely fast and with Logitech’s drivers and software getting bigger and more bloated, the click registration on their mice is starting to decline. While gaming and switching between the two mice, it became more and more noticeable that the Final Mouse had superior click registration. This greatly improves response time and performance in game. Another feature that helps to improve performance though not as noticeable at first was the textured thumb pad on the left side and the glossy and smooth finish on the right side really allow for better grip and control of the mouse.

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