Linksys E8350 2400AC Wireless Router

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Linksys E8350 2400AC Wireless Router
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Product: Linksys E8350 AC2400 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router
Provided By: Linksys
Price: $279.99 MSRP at time of publication



Today we are following up our review of the speedy Linksys WRT1900AC with a product that is similar and yet geared to a different crowd. The WRT1900AC was a part of their "Smart" line, with a great graphical interface, universal web login, remote management through your phone and more. The unit we have on our bench today claims faster Wi-Fi speeds but in exchange for being faster, you lose the pretty interface for a much more traditional look. You also lose the ability to log in through an application on your device. What you do get is simplicity, functionality and great performance. Let's take a closer look as we jump right in.

E8350 Box


First Look:

The E8350 looks very similar to the EA6500 in terms of overall shape and color. The E8350 brings the antennae out of the enclosure though and should offer better coverage - and of course better speed. The body of the new AC2400 router is also much thicker than other E-Series products we've seen from Linksys and this is done to provide better cooling inside as some of the chips used can get a little warm. This is a pretty stout router and while it may not have the industrial look of the WRT1900AC, it's a beefy unit that will take up a little space on your desk.


The bundle includes a total of four antennae, a power adapter, a short network cable to plug from your modem to the router and of course the standard quick install guide. As this is more of a plain-Jane unit, there are no NFC-cards or other gimmicks to get you excited. This router looks like it means business and the bundle shows that Linksys thinks it doesn't need anything fancy to impress.


Front Rear


With the router bare, it looks pretty plain and not much more exciting than a standard EA6500. You can see at the rear there are two connections for antennae and there are a couple more - one on each side, toward the front of the router as well. Speaking of the rear of the E8350, there are a couple of things worth noting. The first is the on/off switch. I really like this idea as unplugging a router if you go away on a holiday isn't very elegant. It can also help make rebooting the router much easier as well. The other main thing worth noting back here is the USB and eSATA/USB ports. Linksys has given you the option of using the USB 3.0 port as well as a USB 2.0 port that doubles as an eSATA port. This gives you a few options for external storage and is a welcome addition as the router itself has a fast enough processor to handle tasks like file sharing, FTP, and UPnP media player features. 

On the next page we'll cover the features and specifications of the E8350 before we carry on through setup and performance testing.