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Application: Rolling Balls (the marble game)

Ever lost your marbles? Sometimes it can sneak up on you and other times you can lose them all at once. You don’t have to be old to lose a few marbles - when it comes to games! No I haven’t lost all my marbles yet; I still have my head together. All that being said, marble games can be pretty fun and a while back I saw my brother playing this game, so I thought I’d give it a try. Rolling Balls is a challenge and uses the accelerometer in your device to control the marbles.

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This game is pretty simple really. You have a number of different balls in each level - and included in that mix is a single red ball. If you played “Pool”, you’d know that you usually have to sink the 8-ball last. The same is true with this red ball. You want to get all the marbles in the holes by moving your device around to move the marbles. Get the red ball in last or else you'll be playing that level again. The levels vary from mazes to coin collecting and more. Watch out as some of the holes move!

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I like to roll it, roll it!



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