Goodbye Nexus 6

Okay, so here we are for the final check in, a month later. Does anyone want to buy a Nexus 6?

My only gripe with the Nexus 6 is the size. It’s been a month and not only have I not gotten used to it, I have started to loathe it. It’s just too big! I still love the high resolution display, and still love the camera, but it’s just too big to take places. It feels like a small child some days! I find that the phone is actually large enough that it deters me from taking it places. 


Nexus 5 vs Nexus 6


Case and point, I ski tour. For those uneducated to the practice, I put little grippy strips of fabric called skins on the bottom of my skis, and my skis have special bindings on them that allow my heel to unlock and the ski to pivot on my toe, basically making the ski a big snowshoe. Then I hike up a mountain, lock my heels, remove my skins and ski back down. Any mountain will do, and it takes a few hours, but you can get fairly high up fairly quick. As you can imagine with a hobby like this, I get to see some fairly amazing views, so therefore want a good camera with me. I also don’t like lugging an extra 10 pounds of gear up the side of a mountain, so my DSLR tends to stay at home on those days. The camera is big enough that it doesn’t fit in the pocket of my ski pants, therefore I have nowhere waterproof to store it while i’m walking. I have stopped bringing my phone ski touring, or when I do, I have left it in a pocket in my pack, and I rarely get to take a picture with it.


Speaking of pockets, I work outdoors and my company provides me with waterproof, Gore-tex style jackets with our company logo that I am required to wear. The phone doesn’t fit in any of it’s pockets either.

The Nexus 6 doesn’t fit in the holder in my truck anymore either, I had to build a custom holder that blocks the Ford Sync display to make this phone work in my vehicle.

Large for an extra charge


I realize that these are all small issues, but I don’t feel like I should have to buy new pants or jackets just to accommodate a phone.

My other issue with the size is that the phone is a little awkward to hold. It’s just big enough that I can’t keep a proper single handed grip on it while browsing the internet. It’s really frustrating.

In the end, I can’t help but feel like a kid who bought a new bike that is two sizes too big. It does everything it promised on the box, and it’s still big and shiny, I just haven’t figured out how to ride it properly. Will I grow into it? Probably. But it sure doesn’t feel that way right now.

Please post your thoughts, comments, feedback and your user experience here.