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Application: LOL Strategy League of Legends

Good day! Here at BCCHQ South, we survived the time change for the most part. As VulcLAN is only a few days away, I’m finding it hard to focus this week as I look ahead to the awesome days of gaming! With that being said, I have searched around for a good League of Legends app and some were hit and miss. The LOL Strategy League of Legends app seems to be a good app to know some information about champions. I know at VulcLAN, LoL is one of the games that is being played there and I figure I better do some homework and check it out. I don’t want to look like that much of a n00b! With so many videos on the web about League, sometimes it’s easy to get lost.

Champion Masteries


This app lets you look up different champions, read and watch videos of what they do and a little bit of demo gameplay, the videos are voiced over to explain how you can play a champion in a few different ways. It’s handy to know why you are doing what you’re doing. The app also gives you information about items, spells, how much an item costs and what other items you need to build different items. (Boots of Speed + Dagger = Berserker’s Greaves) Another cool features is that you can check your stats or the stats of other players to see how well they are doing with different champions. You can also set timers if you're “jungling” for when red buff is ready or Baron, Dragon, Inhibitors and more. The only thing that does not work is the buddy icon, but other than that I like it will come in handy these next few days!



Keep Calm and League On! 


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