The New Macbook is Mostly Batteries

On Monday, Apple hosted an event and launched a couple of new products - one being of course the Apple Watch and the other product is a new Macbook refresh. This is an interesting product as it's not quite a Macbook Air and it certainly isn't a Macbook Pro. It is powered by a Core M processor and has up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The interesting thing is that the components inside are pretty much all batteries. The motherboard, RAM, storage and processor are about as big as a Nexus 5.

There’s no denying that this new MacBook is an impressive piece of engineering, but don’t let that divert your attention away from the potential lack of performance your $1,299 or $1,599 buys. You’ve got a 1.1/1.2GHz dual-core chip running a Retina resolution display, and it’s going to be throttled when running on battery.

Source: Geek