Android App Pick - Land Grabbers

Application: Land Grabbers

We recently had a fun-filled weekend of gaming at BCCHardware’s VulcLAN, and now it’s time to get back to a bit of reality. Doing a Game App right after the LAN seems fitting. Land Grabbers is an interesting game of strategy. I believe it’s an accurate recreation of what it would be like to live the medieval life and fight for your tower and land. You can play through a campaign or even some multiplayer as well.

Forest Lava


The game is a little tricky to play at first. In some ways it’s a bit like a tower-defense game mixed in with a little League of Legends. It definitely is a twist on your traditional mobile app as you fight for land in each level. The goal is to take over and take down the other team’s buildings and get yours on the map. You can upgrade your team to get more power to fight the enemy and dominate for victory! There are some perks that come along the way to use or you can buy them with your Google dollars.



Grab all the lands!


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