Here comes 10TB HDDs

Intel and Micro announced that they've figured out 3D NAND technology and should be able to produce 3.5TB M.2 drives and 10TB 2.5" SSD drives which should give you more than enough storage in a small drive that can fit in an ultrabook. Samsung figured out V-NAND (Vertical NAND) technology but 3D NAND takes storage to a whole new capacity level. DigitalTrends has more details over here.

Just think, in a couple years you'll be able to tell young kids about the hardships you endured when "my hard drive only had 500GB of storage"....

Capacity has always been an issue for solid state drives: Each chip is expensive, and there’s limited space on a drive to contain them. Recently, Samsung has tackled the problem with V-NAND, or vertical NAND, which stacks memory for greater storage capacities. Intel and Micron are getting into that game as well, and the solution they’ve come up with, called 3D NAND, is even denser.