ASUStor AS5004T 4-Bay NAS

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ASUStor AS5004T 4-Bay NAS
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Product: ASUStor AS5004T 4-Bay NAS
Provided By: ASUStor
Price: ~$459 Online at time of Publication



Today we are looking at another NAS from ASUStor. The first one we looked at was back in 2013 and it was their AS-604T - a 4-bay unit that was powered by a dual-core Atom processor. Today we are looking at another 4-bay unit - but this one is powered by a dual-core Celeron processor. The AS-604T's processor was clocked in at 2.13GHz and actually supported Hyper-threading, while the new unit we have on our bench today doesn't support Hyper-threading, but the processor is clocked in at a speedier 2.4GHz. This unit is in the same "Home to Power User" class as the 604T, so we should see similar performance. Time will tell how this unit holds up with slightly different hardware and a much updated software package than what we saw a couple of years ago.


ASUStor has a few different 4-Bay units that range from the very affordable AS-204T all the way up to the crazy-fast AS7004T that is powered by a Core i3 processor. ASUStor also has a line of 2-Bay units and extend their storage solutions up to 12-Bay rack-mount units. They really have something for everyone and what makes these all amazing is the fact that the software is pretty much universal on all of these. 


ASUStor has packed so munch into their units in way of software that we simply can't cover it all in one review. We will touch base on several key features, talk about performance, and do some comparisons with other units we've looked at in the past, but unless we did a 20+ page review, we couldn't cover it all. The AS5004T is really that impressive in terms of features - both local and remote via internet and mobile application. Let's face it, most people wouldn't a 20+ page review anyway. With that bit out of the way let's take a look at what we get in the box.



First Look:

The new ASUStor AS5004T looks very similar to the older AS-604T at first glance. In fact, there really isn't a lot different on the front of these units in terms of ports, drive racks, LEDs and the like. The one thing that is different on the front of the AS5004T is that it doesn't have a display and buttons that allow limited operation of the unit. Many NAS units end up in a closet or are just out of the way, so having a few buttons and a display - while being a luxury - is not really needed for many users. This is one way that ASUStor can cut some cost and get a higher-performing product into the hands of consumers for less.

Front Profile


There is some passive ventilation in the chassis on the left side and when combined with the large rear fan, cooling and airflow really shouldn't be a problem.

Front-Side Profiel Rear Profile


The rear of the AS5004T contains a pair of USB 3.0 ports in addition to a couple of USB 2.0 ports. Also for connectivity are a pair of eSATA ports. Although many companies have abandoned eSATA for USB 3.0, it is nice to see that ASUStor has still included it on this model. Network connectivity is taken care of by a pair of 1GB Ethernet ports while video comes courtesy of a HDMI 1.4a connector. If you don't want to pump sound out of the box via HDMI or have a pair of USB speakers handy, you can use the S/PDIF optical output. All in all, there are more ports that you will likely ever need for your NAS application and this unit takes you into a multimedia server solution as well.

While the previous NAS we looked at from ASUStor had a built-in power supply, the AS5004T does not. As you may have noticed in the image of the bundle near the top of the page, the power supply is a "brick" that is allows some space to be saved in the unit and it also helps trim down the power consumption of the unit as this "brick" is more efficient that a standard power supply.

Drive Racks


On the next page we'll take a look at the hot-swap bays and drop in a bunch of drives before we look at the specifications.