Android App Pick - My Binder

Application: My Binder

In the words of Blues Clues "I've got my handy dandy notebook" - which can be very handy indeed. As spring arrives, taking notes is a must as life can be very busy. There are places to see, people to meet, and things to write down or log. My Binder is interesting and reminds me a bit of an agenda. Staying organized is important to be successful. When your ducks are in a row, so are your pages and your life!

My Binder My Binder My Binder

My Binder can certainly increase your chance to get through each day of the week. Inside the app are four notebooks and inside those notebooks are five tabs and in each of those tabs are pages to jot your deepest thoughts. Well, maybe not your deepest thoughts as there is no password to lock this app down. I’m done school, but if you’re not you could use this to type up the class notes if your living digital. Use it as your agenda to keep track of homework and reminders. 

You can copy and paste text to your pages and even add new pages for your category and even email them. You’ll be so organized that Donald Trump won’t have an excuse to fire you!

Sit back, relax and take a note!


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