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Application: Cubis Addictive Puzzler

Good day! It feels like it's been awhile since I’ve written up App Pick. In order to bring you better Apps, we’ve decided to do App Pick of The Week every second week. It makes it easier for me to get to know the app a little better and it makes it easier on the editor as he doesn't have to rush through another article every week. That all takes time. Speaking of time, Cubis Addictive Puzzler is one of those games that will eat away your time! I remember playing this game when MSN messenger was popular. Cubis was also pretty popular with the casual-gaming crowd and I enjoyed it back then. I enjoy it just as much today and it is addicting - plus, it saves your progress as you go!

World 2


It’s an easy game for starters, but gets harder as you go. Match the three or more same-colored blocks to fill up your block meter before the time runs out. Sometimes obstacles, (solid cubes) will be set and they cannot be moved or matched; instead they have to be zapped by laser balls. You can stack them up to three high until they break. You can change their color and slide them to move them into place. The first world is free, but with so many amazing levels to explore, you will probably end up spending a buck. It's money well-spent.

Cubis Cubis


Cube away!


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