Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Home Audio Headphones - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Home Audio Headphones
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Testing and Final Thoughts


This is the best part of the reviewing process. The first thing I did with these was plug the RS 175 into the TV and play my Xbox 360 (which was a snap). There are only three plug-ins on the back of the unit. The top plug-in is for the digital optical in, and the bottom two connections are for standard analog input and for power. There is also a switch to choose between analog and digital.

I was impressed with the size of the ear pads, which fit nicely over my ears. Even after a couple of hours of gaming, my ears were not sore, and I was ready to go all night. Having volume, bass, and surround sound at my fingertips was convenient. The power button is located on the right side of headphones at the rear of the can. The volume, bass, and surround controls are all located on the right side as well - and are easy to reach.  A nice touch is the raised plus and minus symbols (for audio volume) and this makes finding the buttons easy when wearing the headphones. The sound quality was top notch, which is what I except from Sennheiser. With crisp, clean sound that did not distort - even at high volumes, Far Cry 3’s jungle came alive. Trying to describe the difference between “Hi” and “Low” surround sound is difficult, but a fuller sound was noticeable when “Hi” was selected. Over all, Xbox games sound great and I did not worry about kids hearing bad words and didn’t need to have the TV volume really low at night!


Regular TV was fabulous as well.  Again, sound was full and make the NHL playoffs amazing.  Did I mention how much outside sound is blocked out? When the kids being loud or asking lots of questions, ignoring them was simple because of the closed circumaural headphones. Listening to the hockey game, including the hits into the boards, blocked shots and the life-saving “tink” of the puck bouncing off the post was a treat. As you may have guessed, Blu-Ray movies were equally stunning - if not more so.

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The last thing I plugged into the RS 175 was my HTC M8.  I listen to audiobooks all the time and with the headphones I was wireless, and mobile. The range from the base unit is wonderful and it is much, much better than Bluetooth.  I could hear clearly all over my house as well as the basement and I even went outside. Surround sound did not work with the book so much as it just sounded like an echo. However, the sound quality was still excellent with surround turned off. Listening to music through my device – or by way of the TV through satellite or streaming Google Play was incredible. I enjoy my bass and the surround made the listening experience seem more like a concert. 



I would say the RS 175 are worth every penny. Sennheiser has less expensive models of wireless headphones; however they do not have as many functions. They are easy to set up and use, comfortable to wear and have great battery life. Extra headphones are a little pricey at $199.99, but with care, will last you a long time. The RS 175 easily switch between inputs but this must be done on the base unit with a mechanical switch. At the end of the day, if you are looking for a top quality listening experience with mobility and no wires this is the answer.


Without a doubt, they deserve some pretty high marks, but they aren't perfect as the price is a little steep - but worth it if you have the money. If you want a second pair of headphones to go along with the main RS 175 unit, it will set you back another $199. All in all, not a cheap investment - but one you'll likely have for years.


I'd like to thank Sennheiser for sending out the RS 175 for us to review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum right here.