NZXT DOKO PC Streaming Device

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NZXT DOKO PC Streaming Device
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Product: NZXT DOKO
Provided By: NZXT
Price: ~$99.99 MSRP at time of Publication



In this day and age we are trying many new things to view the extensive content contained on our computers elsewhere in our homes. We want to do this without having to lug our fifty pound powerhouse PC around. There are several devices to help with this, but the one we are looking at today is made by PC hardware manufacturer, NZXT.

NZXT has a wide range of products ranging from computer cases, cooling, power supplies and more. The DOKO is a product that claims to be able to stream games, Netflix and most of the other things you do on your computer to a TV. The best thing is that this retails for roughly $100. It has four USB ports on the front side so you can connect your keyboard, mouse, controller and more. On the back they have included an HDMI port for 1080p video along with the power connector, audio jack and GB Ethernet. 

NZXT claims that the DOKO has decent compatibility with your USB peripherals and is supposed to stream things with very little latency, and we will soon find out if this is indeed the case.


First Look:

Upon initial inspection, I noticed that the packaging wasn't all that special but is well done with a nice clean black box and the product's name and company's logo printed in white. It’s not the flashiest thing on the shelf, but hopefully the understated look will stand out.


Once I cracked this sucker open I found that it is packaged well enough; again with nothing too special to notice except for the top piece of foam with a cut-out that allows you to see the DOKO name on the top of the product. After I got past the first layer of foam, I took out the DOKO and found a box underneath that contained the power cable and Ethernet cable to make it easy to setup and use right away.


At first look it is pretty impressive that a little box offers such great functionality with such a simple and clean design. The exterior is a nice flat black that feels a bit like rubberized plastic. It has nice curved lines and the DOKO name is nicely displayed on top.

DOKO Top DOKO Bottom


On the reverse side, I discovered the NZXT label stamped into the plastic, several manufacturing stickers, as well as the neat little rubber foot pieces designed to keep the DOKO raised and free sliding around on whatever surface you place this little box.

The front of the device holds four USB ports as well as the power button. The back side, on the other hand, holds the power connector, HDMI jack, audio and network connections. This sides are pretty slick and showcase some pretty nice design overall.

DOKO - Front DOKO Rear



On the next page, we’ll cover the features and specifications taken from the product page before we continue.