Android App Pick - Pho.To.Lab

Application: Pho.To Lab

Spring is pretty much here at BCCHQ and the weather has been nice. It is a good time to get outdoors when you can to take some photos, have a picnic or even to just take a walk. There are a ton of photo apps on the market, but it has been awhile since I’ve picked one of the many photo apps. Those of us that like to play around with photos often use Photoshop or Lightroom, but each of those programs are used for different purposes and work best on your PC. I’m not doing a Photoshop app, but is similar and works great on your mobile device. Manipulate photos on the go! You will be amazed at what you can pull off on your phone!



I know there’s lots other photo manipulation apps out there as well, but this one adds some extra fun to it. Take a picture straight from the app or upload a picture to use. Take a look through many different framing options, characters, scenery and backgrounds. There is even a small selection of magazine covers to use on your creative quest. Send the results to friends and watch them be impressed! If you hang out with a lot of nerds, you could be the life of the party! Even self-centered people that take a lot of selfies can spice up their photos with all the cool features!


Smile! You’re on!


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