Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Features and Specifications

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Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Features and Specifications
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Lobera Spectrum is a top-notch programmable gaming keyboard with advanced backlighting features. It has a number of stunning illumination modes including audiomode which makes the LEDs flash to the beat. Its highly customizable illumination processor even lets set individual key colors and turn the backlighting on and off for each key.

Mechanical key design creates solid tactile feel and rapid response for extreme gamers. High speed USB 2.0 hub with audio jacks offers easy connection for user's favourite portable peripherals. 5 profiles, up to 300 macro keys can be defined by the user. Tesoro Lobera Spectrum is the ultimate choice for gamers.

  • Full Spectrum, Full Customization
    The Lobera Spectrum allows gamers to individually customize virtually any color, to any key.
  • Backlighting Modes
    There are 9 different LED effects, such as dimming, full zone, trigger, ripple, firework, radiation, rainbow wave, and per key customized mode as well as 5 levels of brightness and 5 distinct profiles to store them.
  • Audio Mode
    When Audio Mode is activated, the LEDs of each individual key dance to the beats and bass of your favorite tunes.
  • USB & Audio Jack Pass-Through
    The Lobera Spectrum comes with a pass-through hub with audio/mic jacks and 2x USB 2.0 ports with a DC-in jack allowing gamers to charge their smart phones and tablets directly through the keyboard.
  • Instant Recording/ 512kb Built-in Storage
    Gamers are able to instantly program macros across the whole keyboard. Profiles can be switched in just a couple keystrokes. Built-in storage gives players the freedom to carry their preferences with them on different computers.
  • Built to Last, Designed for Play
    The Lobera Spectrum uses Kailh switches rated for 60 million keystrokes and high quality Costar stabilizers. Rubberized feet with tilt control, preventing slipping even during intense play.






Installation & Accessories:

Installing a keyboard is typically pretty easy and installing this one was no different. It’s a lot less complicated that building a computer. All you have to do is plug in the audio cables and USB cables. Head on over and get the latest driver for the Spectrum and that will enable you to get your macro and profiles set up. The keyboard came with a manual, a mini catalog and an audio cable that is supposed to make your keyboard dance to the tunes you are playing. 



On the next page we'll cover testing and wrap up with our final thoughts.