Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Let the fun begin as we start getting into the meat of the review. Reviews are hard work and there can be blood, sweat and even tears, but not with the Lobera Spectrum. It’s just plain fun. For regular typing this keyboard works absolutely fantastic. They keys are not as loud as my RBG 80 from Rosewill, but they are louder than my ROCCAT ISKU. They feel like either red or brown switches.


All the keys light up when you setup a solid color or a color sequence to them. The sides light up to whatever color you run on your keys. As I previously mentioned, you can set the lights on this keyboard to be completely personal. You can set the theme and the stage and every key can be a different color. There are nine different lighting effects: Standard, Trigger, Ripple, Firework, Radiation, Breathing, Rainbow Wave, Audio and Spectrum – and in the Spectrum mode you can have the keys shine, breath and more.


The sound controls and media keys works nicely. Once you plug your headset into the keyboard you can chat and listen away. The keyboard is rather sturdy and doesn't slide around, especially with it being heavy metal (Slayer?!). You can set up to five profiles and bind macros and lights to each of these profiles. It’s much simpler than I thought, and this Tesoro has a great interface that makes it easy.

Setting up macros for your games is pretty simple.
  1. Pick a profile
  2. Set your colors
  3. Pick a key to make into a macro
  4. Go to macro settings button and record your key presses
  5. Click sync program 
  6. Pick a folder to sync it to your root folder on your PC


You can also use the instant recording button to quickly make a key work for you for the game you want, but make sure you add it to the right profile!

Color Map

Color Map for Keyboard

Macro Setup
Macro Setup

Adding Programs

Adding Programs



A lot of the settings and general features of the keyboard are somewhat similar to the last two keyboards I reviewed. However, the instant recording and macros and the best of both the ISKU and the RGB80. Lighting is simple and powerful.

When I heard that EVERY key can be set to a different color, that there were different color modes and you could set macros on the fly for gaming, I decided that I had a little extra time to do another review. It took a long time to set all the keys the way I wanted but it looks awesome! This is the first keyboard I’ve used that has extra USB ports or a headset/microphone input and they add some extra value for sure. 

Overall, I like this keyboard very much as it brings out the “tough” looks as well as the creative side of this girl gamer. The heavy feel, rough texture, metal and industrial design lets people know that you have a quality product on your bench. At $159, this is not a budget keyboard, but the features and quality are not budget as well. It is a high quality product. If you are creative, love mechanical keyboards and want something a cut above the average LAN-goer, make sure to give the Lobera Spectrum by Tesoro a try!



  • Colorful
  • Mechanical Switches
  • Customizable
  • Braided Cord
  • Metal Finish



  • Audio mode is confusing


Despite a few little quirks, this keyboard scores an easy Gold Award here at BCCHardware.com.

I'd like to thank Tesoro for sending out this keyboard for us to review. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please post them at this link.