Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Product: Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Provided By: Tesoro
Price: ~$149.99 at time of publication



There are many keyboards on the market and many of them go through testing and on review sites. Everyone wants a good and honest review and that’s where we step in (gladly I might add) as we test and “play” with products. Part of being a hardware news and review site is the myriad of peripheral reviews we get to do as they are part of the hardware side of things.

We have a new keyboard on the test bench today. This is the Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Tesoro, and if you think that only mainstream companies know how to make keyboards, you’ll hopefully get some new information today that may expand your horizon. This keyboard is pretty sweet and completely customizable!

When I opened the box and picked up the Lobera Spectrum, I soon discovered that it was heavier than any keyboard I’d ever used. It doesn’t have a cheap plastic feel like most others do. If a fellow gamer at a LAN party raged, I’d be afraid to be hit by one of these bad boys. Tesoro names their keyboards after swords and the Lobera means “Wolfslayer”. The Lobera is the Sword of Bravery which “is the sword which symbolized power used by Saint Ferdinand 3. It has become one of the most famous swords in the history.”

Box In The Box


Tesoro is new to BCCHardware but is not a brand-new company. They specialize in peripherals and were a very welcome sponsor to BCCHardware's VulcLAN earlier this year.


First Look:

The dark metal finish with its rough patterned edging on the wrist rest gives this keyboard a nice tough look. The sides light up if the keyboard profile you’re using includes lighting. Other features worth mentioning are the anti-slip feet, a thick braided cord that splits into cords that include USB and audio cables. The keyboard has jacks for your headset and microphone so you don’t have to plug into the rear of your PC every time you take your headset with you. The keyboard also has a couple of USB ports to help you out.

Ports Open Wrist Rest


Port Label


Not only this is a gaming keyboard, it’s customizable and well lit! I am a fan of color and try to be pretty creative. Still more features worth mentioning are the switchable six or full N-Key rollover. There are five profiles as well as audio modes so you can program about 300 different macros if you want to set that up. Macros can be recorded through software of via the instant recording button to let you record macros on the fly.

Side View Cables


Macros and settings are stored in the 512kB built-in storage. With this feature you can plug your keyboard into any PC and still have all your key-bindings, lights and macros. When playing games, you can disable the “Windows” key so you won’t kick yourself to desktop in the middle of a heated match. One does not simply pause online games.


On the next page we'll cover the features and specifications before we continue on to testing.