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Application: Jigsaw Puzzles: 100+ Pieces

Good day all! This past weekend was May long weekend, and many might of been out camping. There is often many things to take along on a camping trip. This includes a lot of things to fill our basic needs, but also you may want a few things to do while you’re away. Some people love to do puzzles for hours and if you want to try it digitally, try Jigsaw Puzzles: 100+ Pieces. This digital puzzle is easy to take on-the-go and works best on a tablet, but does work on a phone as well. I used both Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices, but the tablet was indeed a better experience.

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The puzzle app can be set at any level of difficulty, which mostly translates to the number of pieces. You can go up to 100 pieces, and that’s pretty small on a 5-inch screen. Choose from nay amazing pictures that they have ready to use, or pick one of your own pictures. I don’t do a lot of puzzles, but I did several and didn’t stop until I was done! There are three different shape types for the pieces, but the images are cool. You can rotate pieces and put them into place and listen to relaxing music while you’re at it.

Puzzle Setup

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I’m slightly puzzled.


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