Android App Pick - Bitmoji - Your Avatar Emoji

Application: Bitmoji - Your Avatar Emoji

Summer is on its way and what better way to share a smile, a laugh, a friendly hello to friends throughout your day. If you are bored at a meeting, the room just might need a pick-me-up. We all like to message one another, and we often try to be creative when it comes to things we send back and forth. The makers of Bitstrip take things to an avatar level with Bitmoji. This app has been around for a while, but I picked it up recently and have had some fun with it. Brighten up someone's day or make your SMS interesting and fun.

Bitmoji Bitmoji Bitmoji


Create your avatar or sign in with Facebook to use your avatar from Bitstrips. It comes with many kinds of worded emoji icons. You can send it to any app you choose and a little avatar will appear on the top of your conversation to make it easier to send more. Tap on it and it should take you back to the Bitmoji app. Choose from your favorite Bitmoji’s or the ones you use most. It’s pretty easy to use and I’m sure they will add more as the app continues to develop.

Don't be a cloud on a sunny day! 



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