MSI NX6600GT TD128E PCIe - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion


MSI has done a real good job throwing this card and bundle together.  There is a tonne of software that many people won't use, but it's there and doesn't seem to add extra cost to the card as this is one of the cheapest 6600GT's on the block.  As far as gaming goes, this card can hold it's own and dominates in the price range.  For around $200CDN you really can't go wrong if you a casual gamer and you don't want to run 1600x1200 with all eye candy on.  For the most part games are very playable at 1024x768 with AA & AF enabled, with Half-Life 2 being able to run at 1280x1024.  All that on a "budget" card.

That's not to say the card is perfect.  There are a couple of minor issues with this card.  First, the metalish HSF has a pretty bumpy surface.  It's shiny, but not smooth, and could definately use some improvement.  Also HSF related, it has poor contact on some of the memory chips.  Once I reapplied thermal paste and remounted it, it seemed to be better.  Lastly, MSI could've spend $0.50 more on the fan.  Don't get me wrong, it's fairly quiet under normal use and even gaming, but I've only had this card installed for about 2 months and upon startup the fan is starting to growl.  Once everything warms up it quiets down, but it's starting to fail.  If MSI spent a few more cents on a better fan, it would save them money.  If the fan fails, the card will likely overheat, burnup and require warranty.  MSI has to shell out for a whole card instead of a better fan.

Let's break it down to Pros and Cons.


  • DVI, VGA, and HDTV outputs.
  • Fast enough for most casual gamers.
  • Software up the wazoo!
  • Excellent value at just over $200CDN.


  • Cheap HSF - Fan growling, poor finish, contact.
  • Some software doesn't work with 64-bit Windows. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.0

I'd like to offer a HUGE thanks to Dallmann Computers for dropping this card in our test system.  When manufacturers fail to provide, DC always comes through.  Thanks dude!


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