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Application: AlphaBetty Saga

Just when you thought you were done school and hoped to be done learning for the summer, along comes a game like Alphabetty Saga. If you're a word nerd you can certainly find word games interesting and if you read a lot of books, it will probably make it easier. I don’t read a lot of books myself, but have picked up and found the game fun to play. I'm can't find as many big words as other players I'm sure, but it sure is a fun way to try and expand your vocabulary.

Saga Saga


I figure a great way to kick off E3 week with an easy game of words. If you know how to spell it shouldn't be a problem. Just swipe on the screen or tap the tiles and make them green! Green means you're good to go! Some levels have challenges in them to complete, I'm at the cheese level where you have spell words to make the cheese fall to the bottom. Some tiles will be purple and when you spell with those, BAM a row is gone and new tiles take its place. Some tiles will be different colors and give extra points as well. Once you gain enough points or complete the challenges, you will be able to move on to the next level.


Now you know your ABC's!


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