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Rosewill USB WiFi Lineup
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Product(s): Rosewill RNX-N300UB, RNX-AC600UB, RNX-AC1200UB
Provided By: Rosewill
Price: $14.99, $17.99, $34.99 respectively 



Today we are taking a quick look at three USB WiFi adapters from Rosewill and seeing what kind of performance you can get for a few bucks. None of these units are ground-breaking in terms of sheer performance or specifications, but they will get your desktop, Raspberry Pi or other computer on your network and on the internet. The beautiful thing is that they are priced very agressively and the entry-level 300mbps unit will cost you ~$15 with the AC1200 unit priced at ~$35 (at time of publication). Make sure you stay tuned as we'll be blasting through the first part of this review rather quickly and getting to the performance numbers right away.

The Lineup

The Lineup


RNX-N300UB Information: ($14.99 at time of publication)

The N300UB is the entry-level unit in our roundup today and this unit comes in at a very low price. In the box the adapter is accompanied by a Quick Installation Guide as well as a CD that contains drivers and other resources. Installation is very simple and on many current computers, extra drivers won't even be required. Still, if you want to use the Rosewill software and utilities, you can do so.

N300 Bundle


The adapter is very small when compared to the mini CD that is included with the bundle. All in all it is less than 4cm long and is about the size of a small USB flash drive. In terms of features there really isn't much to say, and we have the specifications and the short feature-list below.


RNX-N300UB Specifications:



On the next page we'll take a look at both the AC600UB and the AC1200UB as we continue.