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Application: Relic Run

Good day there fellow mobile gamers! We all have heroes in our lives and some of them wear capes, while others wear turquoise tops and pack a couple of Desert Eagle handguns. Our hero today is none other than Laura Croft. She comes to us today in a graphically visual “Relic Run” app. This is a bit of a refresh of Temple Run and Square Enix does a very good job making this game very “Laura” without being too girly.

Coin Run Parkour Enemies


Think of Relic Run as your basic runner game. Controls are swipe up, down, left and right and these allow you to jump, parkour, duck, slide, change “lanes” and even wall run over short distances. In addition to running, at points in the game you’ll have to shoot enemies by tapping on the screen as well as riding quads, motorcycles and doing battle with big bosses.

Quad Coins & Levels


Use your coins and other items you discover to unlock levels and continue on with your run!


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