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Good day and welcome to another App Pick of the week! Summer time is a great time to take off on an adventure to different places, visiting people or maybe just work a bunch to save some money. Summer can bring interesting weather - and sometimes it changes in an instant. Weather can be surprising and it's a good idea to know what is going on. I’m sure you've heard of Instagram, but have you heard of InstaWeather? Thank goodness this isn't another social network to join, it is a weather app that has you taking pictures as it records temperatures wherever you are.

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Instead of having your regular everyday thermometers, why not spice it up with an interesting picture to go with the weather forecast? It's rather cool and smart as this app instantly displays the temperature on the screen in addition to the town or city nearest your location. Pick from many different theme settings and customize how you want information displayed or animated. You can snap a picture and save it as well! The app obviously requires your location, so if you don't want to share your location with everyone, don't post your captured images to social networks. While some location apps struggle with inside readings, InstaWeather works inside and outside; daytime or nighttime.

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Don't be a cloud on a sunny day!

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