Android App Pick - Adventure Escape: Time Library


Application: Adventure Escape: Time Library

Hey there readers! Sometimes do you ever feel you just want to escape in some other world, some other reality and just get away from the real world? I’m sure all of have at some points in life. If you're a reader, books might be a substitute, but as I don’t do a lot of reading, I need another way. I do lots of gaming, where I escape reality. If your Library had a time machine that would be pretty cool, and that’s where Adventure Escape: Time Library comes in.

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The game is like one of those story search-and-find hidden object type games. Instead of hidden objects, you go through different types of books in the library. Your “companion” is a guy who’s quite current as the game uses hashtags and social media extensively through the story. The two young teens solve puzzles and mysteries in different stories. Some puzzles are tricky and some are pretty simple. You can earn “hint stars” that help you get through tricky parts of the game. Hopefully you don’t have much trouble solving the mysteries and you can enjoy your adventure!

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Happy trails!


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