Optoma NuForce NE800M Superior Performance Earphones - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Optoma NuForce NE800M Superior Performance Earphones
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I need to give you full disclosure here, I'm not an audiophile. While I do love good audio and have a pretty good ear for music, I'm not a full-on audiophile. With all that being said, I don't believe that there are a lot of objective ways to test headphones. The experience is very personal, often quite unique to an individual and everyone has a different idea of what sounds "good". I've listened to a lot of different earphones and headphones in the past and I would always rather listen to accurate audio, rather than something that has crazy bass levels or is tuned to one particular genre of music. I listen to a wide variety of music and want something "flat" that works with everything - as it is intended.

As these are designed to be used on the go, I did the bulk of my listening through my Nexus 6. These sounded great on any device that I plugged them in to, including an HTC One M8, iPod Classic, ASUS Xonar U3, Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum and more. I even plugged these into a Roku 3 that is also on my test bench and watched a couple of movies with these in my ears. 

The sound is clear, clean and a bit "warmer" than some other eaphones I've used and was very rich with all the devices. When I initially plugged the NE800M into my Nexus 6, I had to go to my audio player settings and take off the EQ so the sound was perfectly natural. My everyday earbuds are currently some units by Razer and they need a little help to make them sound good. The NE800M doesn't need any help. They sound great on their own.

Optoma NE800M


In terms of music specifics, I did listen many different music genres as I'm not really strapped to one type of music. I listened to everything from 90's alternative, modern pop, country, rock, some speed metal (my least favorite), some old-school Creedence Clearwater Revival and everything in between. I have a few lossless FLAC albums that I purchased that really showcase stereo headphones and I made sure to spend some time listening to these as well.

These earphones provide a very good balanced music experience no matter what type of music you listen to. The bass is full and powerful enough to really be appreciated and on songs with a lot of deep electronic bass, they perform very well. The bass tracks in Fall Out Boy's "Immortal" is just right as is the overall sound and feel of Thousand Foot Krutch's "I See Red". The lows are very clean - without a lot of distortion and the volume levels at low frequencies also stays easily audible. While many other companies brag about low frequency response, it is soft enough that you can't really hear it. Not so with the Optomo NE200M.

The high-hat is very clear and crisp without being harsh, vocals are strong and clean with the kick drum and bass guitar providing a great fill to complete the feeling. I noticed in a couple of songs that the highs were sharp, but I couldn't find other songs that offered the same results. Overall, it is a very pleasant and balanced upper-range.

In terms of pop music, if you've been brainwashed into "Beats" audio, these will perform on-par with any "pop-optimized" earphones and headphones I've used. I've listened to Beats, Sony, Bose, Sennheiser and others and in terms of quality earphones, these offer a fantastic package.

In terms of comfort, the silicon tips are pretty much standard, but the Comply™ tips make them stand out in comfort and are wonderful. I've worn these for about half a day - and almost completed an audio-book start to finish while wearing them with no discomfort at all. After using these for well over 6 hours straight, I can assure you that they are ridiculously comfortable. I've worn other headphones that made you glad you watched a 90 minute movie instead of the 3 hour extended cut.



I really didn't know what to expect when I said yes to review the Optoma NuForce NE800M earphones. I had no idea what Optoma was up to these days, nor did I know how much these earphones cost. I like earphones. I said I'd review them. It was really that simple. I've looked at a lot of Sennheiser products in the past few years and I do have a soft spot in my heart for their products as I've yet to find one that I didn't want to keep and use as an everyday product. Then along comes Optoma. At the end of the day, I was very happy with these earphones and was pleasantly surprised at the quality - aesthetics, build and audio.

The machined brass nozzles combined with the carbon fiber shell makes these very inert and by all appearances, they didn't introduce any external vibrations into the sound. With silicon ear tips, they block out a lot of external sound at the expense of a bit of comfort, but once you put on the Comply™ tips, you are in a place of comfort and peace.

In terms of audio quality, which is probably what brought you to this review, these perform much better than I expected. I didn't expect a lot as companies often substitute looks for quality, but the Optoma NuForce NE800M manage to squeeze pretty much everything into this package. They look great and sound even better. If you want a quality set of earphones, these should really be a serious choice. The combine the best of pretty much everything into a package that won't let you down.



  • Excellent construction
  • Well balanced audio
  • Elegant look and finish
  • Super comfortable
  • Works well with Android devices
  • Carrying case for all your goodies




  • Cable is not as "tangle-free" as they claim
  • A bit expensive



I'd like to thank Optoma for sending over the NE800M for us to review. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please leave it here in the forum.