Optoma NuForce NE800M Superior Performance Earphones

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Optoma NuForce NE800M Superior Performance Earphones
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Product: Optoma NuForce NE800M Superior Performance Earphones
Provided By: Optoma
Price: ~$149 USD at time of publication



Today, I'm taking a look at a set of earphones from a company that I haven't heard of in years. Optoma hasn't gone anywhere, but I guess the pond that I swim in at times is a bit limited. When they contacted me and said they had a pair of earphones that they wanted me to take a look at, I immediately agreed. While I do have a thing for earphones (I've reviewed dozens over the years), what struck me about the Optoma NE800M was the construction materials. The "sound nozzle" is machined from solid brass and with the carbon fiber chassis, there is no residual vibrations except what the titanium coated driver does in order to produce sound.

While the materials sound pretty impressive, the caveat here is the price. The NE800M are listed at $149 USD street price and if you live north of the 49th, your best price is going to be right around that $180 CAD price tag. While there are certainly more expensive IEM options available, the NE800M is priced in the premium market where the competition is pretty solid and they need more than good looks and exotic materials to be a serious option in this space. Our goal today is to give you a close look at these, spell out the main features, cover some specifications and then share our subjective thoughts on these "Superior Performance" earphones. We shall see.

Box Box Open


Closer Look:

The Optoma NuForce NE800M come in a professional-looking box and once you open the box, your first impressions are confirmed. The overall fit and finish of the earphone units themselves are pretty fantastic. As I previously mentioned the main visible materials are brass and carbon fiber and it looks as good as it sounds. The NE800M come with three different silicon earbuds as well as two sets of Comply™ foam tips. I used the medium silicon and smaller foam tips and was very pleased with the fit and comfort of these. I did prefer the Comply™ though as they stayed in better and I forgot that I even had them jammed in my ears.



All of  the included accessories are able to be stored in a handy zippered pouch that has an interior pocket for your different earbud tips. Perhaps one of the most unique things I noticed with these earphones is the cable. It is very thin and has a silicon sheath to it - which makes it very durable and weather resistant, but also serves to make it very difficult to untangle. If you take great care in wrapping these up and always storing them in the case, it won't be an issue, but I'm sure everyone has quickly wrapped up their earphones and stuffed them in a pocket of your jeans. This will probably result in a few minutes of untangling as the cable doesn't easily slide in order to untangle easily.

Bundle Case


Cable Closeup


It is worth mentioning that the NE800M is a full headset, with a built-in remote that will allow you to play/pause music, answer and end phone calls as well as skip forward and back on your music. All this is done on a small, in-line microphone and control that is slender and doesn't add a lot of bulk to the cable. Also located on the cable is a clip that can be used to make sure your activities don't easily pull an earphone out of your ear - breaking your Zen. Below the clip and microphone is a slider that allows you to shorten the "Y" making it tangle less on your clothes, other gadgets and generally makes it more manageable.


The overall look is pretty sweet and we'll find out on the next couple of pages more about the NE800M and what makes them tick, how good they are supposed to be, and finally how good they really are.