Macbook Air on Road to Extinction

Apple introduced the Macbook Air a while back to much praise from the enthusiastic Apple-oriented masses. It really hasn't been around too long, but it appears that it is being replaced with the new Macbook Pro - which is essentially an Macbook Air. The inside of the Macbook Pro is about as big as a Nexus 5, so the Air is really just an overpriced tablet with a keyboard at this point.

Apple is not a company that can be accused of doing things thoughtlessly, and the decision to leave the Air’s display at the lower quality and resolution must be taken as a deliberate one. In other words, Apple is comfortable with keeping the Air as a technological straggler in its lineup. That leaves us with a choice of two most likely scenarios: either the Air is destined for a future overhaul and its first redesign in five years or it has no future at all.

Source: TheVerge