iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3 vs. MacBook Air

With the recent announcement of the iPad Pro from Apple, the comparisons to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 were obviously going to happen. CNET has come up with a comparison chart between the two tablets and has thrown the MacBook Air in for good measure.

By adding a bigger, higher-resolution screen, keyboard cover and active stylus, plus new feature-packed versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and other iOS apps, the iPad Pro is pitching itself as a true laptop replacement. But does it measure up?

We'll have to wait to get hands-on with the device to say for sure, but in the meantime, we can compare the specs and features of the iPad Pro with both the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the similarly priced 13-inch MacBook Air. For the list below, we took the base model of each, and added a sold-separately keyboard and stylus if available.