ZTE Grand X 2 Z850 Smartphone Evaluation - Battery Life, Calling and More

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Battery Life, Calling and More:

The battery life of the ZTE Grand 2 is very good. After using the Grand X Plus for a while with its 2300mAh battery, I had higher hopes for the 2480mAh battery that ships with the Grand X 2. As the screen resolution and resolution are the same, we should be able to squeeze out some more run-time out of this device. I was able to easily get two solid days out of the device as long as I didn't play too many games. When the screen is off, the standby time of the phone is fantastic. I was away for a few days and didn't check my phone that often. As a result I managed to get three easy days out of the device with light usage. That alone makes this device worth considering in my opinion. Battery life is a winner with this device.

In terms of size, the Grand X 2 is pretty solid for mainstream users. Of course this is subjective, but when coming from a Nexus 6, the move to the Grand X 2 is great in terms of holdability, but is hard to get used to the smaller screen size when compared to the Nexus 6. The plain-jane OS makes the transition pretty easy if you're used to Android 5.x.

ZTE includes a solid SMS/Messaging App and the gallery and image editing features. I'm very impressed with the entire gamut of features, applications and the entire package out of the box. The stock keyboard is pretty solid but after using Swiftkey, I had to install it as the prediction is much better. Again, the experience is pretty much what you'd expect with a Nexus or Google Play Edition device. I love the basic, non-frills experience.

Z850 Back with Battery


When it comes to call quality, the ZTE Grand 2 performs better than my Nexus 5 but not as good as the Grand X Plus. I had a few complaints with this device that I was a bit "muffled". The call quality in ideal situations is pretty good, but in a loud environment, the call quality suffers a bit. The built in speaker is a bit louder and actually clearer than my Nexus 5 as well. It's no HTC One M8 by all means, and the location of the ZTE speaker is not all that desirable, (located lower back - like a Galaxy S3), so if you lay the phone on the back, it does muffle the sound. All that aside, it's still a decent speaker that works well for hands-free calling or for listening to music and other media.


Benchmarking Performance:

I know that some people will want to see how this phone compares when it comes to actual benchmarks. I've included a few below for your entertainment pleasure and for comparison on your own devices.

GB - Z826 Grand X Plus
GeekBench - Z826 Grand X Plus

Nexus 5
GeekBench - Nexus 5

Z850 Grand X 2
GeekBench - Z850 Grand X 2

Z826 Grand X Plus
AnTuTu - Z826 Grand X Plus

Nexus 5
AnTuTu - Nexus 5

AnTuTu - Z850 Grand X 2
AnTuTu - Z850 Grand X 2

Z826 Grand X Plus
3DMark - Z826 Grand X Plus

Nexus 5
3DMark - Nexus 5

Z850 Grand X 2
3DMark - Z850 Grand X 2


On the last page we'll wrap things up with our final thoughts.