2nd Gen. Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is the most popular streaming stick on the market and they have been working hard on a replacement. There are rumors that the 2nd Generation Chromecast is on its way, and it looks like an over-inflated dongle - if the images at the link are to be believed. This version is said to have better WiFi, "Fast Play" and a few other features that will make it worth the upgrade. The ballon shape though? Yeah, not so much.

According to the leaked documentation we’ve seen, it appears that this could allow your Chromecast to plug directly into any speaker by way of auxiliary cord, providing Chromecast support to any speaker or audio system in your home. This feature will, according to the documents, have multi-room support, the ability to mirror your Chrome or Android audio, and brings “high-quality” audio.

Source: 9to5Google