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Application: Hydro Coach - Drink Water.

Summer is officially over and now is the perfect time to take a walk through the fall leaves. Normally, we drink a lot of water in the summer when it’s hot, but you should still keep hydrated no matter what the season. Sometimes we just need a reminder in our busy life to slow down and take a minute to take care of ourselves. Hydro Coach: Drink Water is an app that is supposed to coach you and remind you to drink water daily. There are times when I don’t feel thirsty or drink anything for almost a whole day and I’m sorry that some of these images below reflect that. Don’t be like me. Drink more water! The truth is, sometimes I’m just not thirsty, but I’m sure my body can really use it!

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The app recommends you add only water intake when inputting data into the app. I can’t drink water all the time, so I add juice or the occasional carbonated soda to the list as well. My problem lies in the fact that I simply don’t drink enough in a day to keep up as I often don’t remember. This app can be setup to give you notifications to remind you. How much water and how often you should drink also depends on your age, weight and height.

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There are metric as well as standard options and adding data is as simple as tapping the glass on your screen when you actually drink one down. This logs your data, but if you want to be able to review a week’s worth of data, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version.

Drink up! 


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