Samsung to ship 4TB SSDs Early 2016

The SSD is slowly trying to replace mechanical drives, but the size king belongs to the mechanical crowd at this point. Currently, there are no consumer oriented SSDs much larger than 1TB, but Samsung aims to change all that early in 2016 with the launch of their new drives based on 3rd Gen V-NAND. In addition to this massive SSD unit, they will also be releasing 1TB M.2 drives as well.

Among the first uses of 256Gbit 3rd gen V-NAND will be to expand the capacity of Samsung’s current product lineups. The 850 lineup, which Samsung will continue to produce as their leading 2.5” SATA SSD, recently received a boost from 1TB to 2TB. Come next year, Samsung will be transitioning the 850 Pro lineup from 2nd gen to 3rd gen V-NAND, and in the process releasing a 4TB 850 Pro.

Source: AnandTech