Race for Cheap Tablet Crown

With Amazon recently announcing their $50 Fire Tablet, the race is heating up in the cheap-tablet space. There have always been cheap tablets, but they were always, well, cheap. With Amazon releasing a high-quality unit, there will be a lot more high-quality tablets from other companies as well. While you may not have heard of Onda before, their 8", Windows 10 Tablet that comes with a Quad-Core Atom CPU and 2GB of RAM for $115 may make you sit up and take notice.

Microsoft's October 6th event will most likely see the introduction of the next iteration in the Surface line, the Surface Pro 4. That device will have a premium price tag attached, which some buyers simply won't be able to afford. Luckily, many of Microsoft's partners are producing Windows 10 devices that aim to offer a solid user experience while remaining a good deal more affordable.

Source: Neowin