New 17-inch 8K Display

If you're tired of low resolution screens that accompany many computers, you are probably happy to see resolution inching it's way up to a respectable 1080p on many more devices. In fact, 3K and 4K screens are now somewhat affordable and they are making their way onto premium and gaming notebook computers and smaller 24" LCD panels for your PC. Japan Display is not prepared to settle at 4K however. They are just managed to push out a 17-inch 8K display with an incredible resolution of 7680x4320 at 120Hz. Wow.

The LCD module, based on low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology with true 8K pixels (RGB stripe arrangement), realizes high definition (510ppi) images, and the 120Hz frame rate enables smooth playback of moving image. By providing wide viewing angle, high contrast and little color shift, the advantages of IPS technology enable reproduction of life-like 8K image with a sense of depth in image quality.

Source: Japan Display