Microsoft Unveils the Surface Book

Microsoft announced a few things yesterday, but one of the things that we didn't really expect is a full laptop. The Surface Book is the best of a laptop and has twice the performance of the latest Macbook Pro. That's right, Microsoft is pushing hard to make Apple look bad. Normally, Apple can hold their own, but after the Surface Pro 4 vs. the iPad Pro, and now the Surface Book vs. the MacBook Pro, there isn't too much to get excited about over at Apple. Good on Microsoft for actually leading in the tech space again.

The Surface Book with a 13.5 inch screen was made official by the company after the Surface Pro 4. It comes with a GeForce GPU which features GDDR5 RAM, 6th generation Intel Core processors. Similar to the Surface Pro 4, the Book also features 16 GB of RAM and comes with storage options upto 1 TB. Microsoft calls it the most powerful laptop in its class though exact specs haven't been disclosed. Compared to the MacBook Pro the computer pumps out twice the performance while also being the thinnest laptop at 7.7 mm.

Source: Neowin