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Application: Angry Birds Fight

3-2-1 Fight!! If you've seen a few fights in your lifetime it might not be quite as epic as these feathered creatures of the sky. When these birds have a tantrum they certainly know how to show it. With all kinds of Angry Bird games out there, Angry Birds Fight puts a twist and the bird's battle more than just pigs as they face off against each other. I guess the truth comes out when you share an island with five or more companions.

Angry Birds Fight Angry Birds Fight Angry Birds Fight


Angry Birds Fight is an easy game to play. It's a multi-player game that will match you with random players around the world. You do a bit of "puzzle-quest" matching to generate defense or offense points that are then used to battle your opponent. Each bird has a special power that activates when you line up four or more tiles. The rounds are timed and you can earn items that increase your defense and offense overall. The stronger the bird, the better the chance you have to beat the monster pigs! You can ask a friend to help with boss levels!

Angry Birds Fight


Ready, set, fight!


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