Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Keyboard

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Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Keyboard
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Product: Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Keyboard
Provided By: Thermaltake
Price: ~$120 USD at time of publication



Mechanical Keyboards have become a mainstay in today's gaming industry and rightly so. The fast responses, more accurate key presses, better macro configurations and the ability to backlight the keyboard and keys with tons of color combinations has really brought keyboards to another level. Today I will be checking out Thermaltake's eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB (brown switches). This keyboard is nice and compact for either gaming in tight spaces or for easy packing for events such as LANs. 

Box of Poseidon


First Look:

Packaging is pretty straight forward for this product, and highlights some of the main features which I will go over a bit later. Upon opening there is one main difference that you don't see too often. This keyboard was wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure protection which differs from most competitors in which they mainly use thin plastic molds.

Bubble Wrap

Aside from the keyboard however there is basically nothing else inside the box except for the warranty policy and the quick install guide. With the keyboard having a 32 bit MCU inside of it, this keyboard can function with just the basic windows drivers while still being able to use its advanced features.

The underside of the keyboard is pretty straight forward with a couple channels for the cord to pass through along with flip feet to stand the keyboard up if one so desires. What's nice about the underside is that the flip feet have rubber padding on them that complement the other rubber pads to help keep the keyboard from sliding all over the desk.


The backside also has two rubber pads that are positioned directly in line with the flip feet which looks to be intentional from my opinion, however they also could be used to protect the keyboard if placed against a wall. Overall the keyboard looks and feels very sturdy.

Rubber Bumpers


On the next page, we'll cover some of the features and specifications of this keyboard before we jump into testing.