Android App Pick - Microsoft Office Mobile

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, how many of you type? How many of you type a lot? With so much going on in today's society we are always on the go. Many of us have a Dropbox account - or some sort of cloud connectivity such as Google Drive or OneDrive. I use Google Docs for a lot of writing on the go, but it's also very handy now that Microsoft has pushed their office to the Android platform. Microsoft Office Mobile is handy, free and is a solid choice for everything office on the go.

Microsoft Office Mobile comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint but separate downloads for each of these are required as they are big downloads. They work offline and you won’t need a connection to edit, save, and more. 


Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft PowerPoint

As is the case with Microsoft Office, you can type (and format) anything you like in Word, view and edit spreadsheets made on your PC with Excel and even create or run your presentation with PowerPoint. Everything you're doing on your device can also be viewed at normal view on your PC as well. You can view and edit any of these files cross-platform. Not everything will format perfectly on the mobile device - my time-sheet for work for example – looks a little messed up, but the entire Office Suite is really handy to have on your device. 

PowerPoint PowerPoint

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it!


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