Android App Pick - Minion Paradise


Application: Minion Paradise

Are you looking for a trip for two or more this Christmas season? Perhaps you are trying to get away from the cold? You could snag yourself a cheap flight, affordable food and enjoy it all in a nice resort. There will be entertainment and lots to do to keep you busy. So it is with Minion Paradise. With these yellow guys running around, doing the work for you, what could go wrong? Much like King Julian, they like to move it and hopefully you do to with all the parties they try and put together. Minion Paradise is a pretty impressive destination that Phil discovered when he crashed the boat while on their cruise… Come and check it out in this adventure!



In Minion Paradise, you are trying to help Phil enhance the island for the rest of the minions that wash ashore from the sinking cruise ship. Other minions will have requests they need filled – which you can view on the request board. It looks like you’ll be here for a while, so why not make yourself at home. Have them play some games, do some work to gather items and discover new patches of land. You can sell some of the items you collect for sand dollars or disco balls to help rock your party.



Bee-do Bee-doo Bananana! 




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