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Application(s): Document Scanner & Fax Plus

Good evening! Christmas is drawing nearer by the minute, and many businesses are open late in order to get everything done before the holidays. While fax machines are starting to be phased out, there are still a lot of businesses that rely on them for day-to-day operation.

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Technology has come a long way and now even phones can be used to scan, fax and even send documents right to your printer. Smart Document Scanner and Fax Plus mobile to fax app are a couple apps that can help you achieve your deadlines as you work late. No more running around for someone’s fax machine as you now have one in your pocket. With CES on the way, apps like this make it easier to connect with companies. This app has been recommended by the CES Mobile App Showdown - Android Mobile Scanner!

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These two apps work hand in hand with each other. You can scan any document by taking a picture of the receipt, a business card, the document itself, and even white boards. If you want to send a fax, open up the Fax Plus app and take the picture from there. You can take pictures of items with the Smart Document Scanner app, but it will be stored in the apps specific folders. You can save items to PDF as well as several other formats. Using the fax portion of the App is not free, but it can be handy for those times when you can’t send an email and you need to get something to the office in a hurry.


Have a Merry Christmas!


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